Hair Loss: A Case Study Series

We first met Sarah Jane - or SJ - when she jumped on one of Michael's live hair clinics to ask about her hair loss and thinning. After a brief chat he invited SJ to the mdlondon studio to meet with expert trichologist Eva Proudman and himself so they could dig a little deeper and see if they can help...

Hair Loss Case Study Ep 1 Meet SJ

Michael and renowned trichologist Eva Proudman get to know SJ and start to understand the different factors that might account for the hair loss and thinning she's been experiencing over recent years.

Hair Loss Case Study Ep 2 Under the microscope

Eva and Micheal examine SJ's scalp and hair follicles to see what treatments can combat her hair loss, caused by a combination of factors including telogen effluvium and the menopause.

Hair Loss Case Study Ep 3 Colour, cut + style

Michael shows SJ that despite her hair loss there are cosmetic changes, including to the length and colour of her hair, that can make an immediate difference to its appearance.